Activ8Kids | Activ8Kids 10 Year Anniversary
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Activ8Kids 10 Year Anniversary

Activ8Kids 10 Year Anniversary

Activ8Kids 10 Years in business.

This week marks 10 years since Activ8kids was founded by childhood friends Barry Lloyd and Joe Murray.

Activ8Kids was set up to deliver sport and physical education sessions to children and young people across Mid Wales and the borders. It’s safe to say that a lot has changed since that first session back in 2009 on a cold January afternoon in Montgomery school. Not necessarily Barry’s ability to demonstrate a kart wheel! Nonetheless, Activ8Kids continues to provide high quality sports sessions throughout the local community as well as a vehicle to allow the areas young people to gain valuable work experience. Joe Murray said ‘Activ8Kids has given & still gives an opportunity to all children to participate in well coached physical activity, but an unforeseen outcome and an equally pleasing one has been providing suitable and relevant opportunities to lots of local youngsters to gain valuable work experience & a first opportunity to understand the world of work.’ Many of whom have gone on to have permanent roles either with Activ8kids, within schools, professional sports clubs, national governing bodies, councils and universities, some have even ventured as far afield as Dubai and China successfully working within sport.

Activ8Kids coaches have delivered sports sessions to thousands of children from Mid Wales and the borders over 10 years. Providing specialist sports services to local primary schools, hosting holiday camps, helping to support local clubs and events as well as the odd birthday party. We are extremely grateful for all the support from head teachers, school staff, parents, our coaches past and present as well as all of the children who have taken part within our programmes. The first of which are now well into their 20’s! We are also grateful to our friends and families for their support over the years.

To mark this occasion we have gone down memory lane with our coaching team and asked what Activ8Kids has meant to them over the years.

The following questions were put to our coaches, a hugely enjoyable read through, thank you to all who contributed. Below are the questions along with the responses received:

 Quote about your Activ8Kids experience and how it helped you.

  1. Where are you now. Working and living.
  2. Favourite memory of A8K?
  3. Benefits of being involved with A8K?



Loved watching children of all ages & abilities given the chance to be involved with physical activity. Helped me to understand that anything is possible with a tiny amount of talent & a massive amount of hard work.

  1. Still in my hometown of Newtown working for royal mail.
  2. Working in schools alongside hard working teachers to give all pupils an equal opportunity to participate in sports & physical activities.
  3. Activ8Kids has given & still gives an opportunity to all children to participate in well coached physical activity. As well as this Activ8Kids has given opportunities to lots of local youngsters to gain experience & understand the world of work.



  1. Working for Activ8 Kids has helped me to become more confident within myself and every morning I look forward to going into work and helping the children learn new skills.
  2. Working for Activ8 Kids in schools in Newtown and the surrounding area and living in Newtown
  3. My continuous Favourite Memory of Activ8 Kids is watching the enjoyment and satisfaction on the children’s faces when they are able to perform or complete the new skill or task that they have been given
  4. Activ8 Kids has helped me meet new people and make new friends all around the local area whilst doing a job I love. It has also helped me along my path of personal development and learning



  1. My A8K experience is one I look back on fondly. Whilst completing my Sport & PE degree in Cardiff I would come home and run and support various camps around Newtown and the surrounding areas. It was a great way to give back to the community and see the young local kids really getting involved and getting active.
  2. Living In Cardiff and working as a Specialist Education Recruitment Consultant.
  3. Working I think it was Berriew school Hall with Dylan Green and as he is setting up for the afternoons activities him falling over all the equipment with the kids just looking on laughing.
  4. A8K is a great company that continues to highlight the benefits of an active and sociable lifestyle to local children. The participants get to not only to be coached by qualified specialist coaches to learn new sporting skills and be active they get to socialise with other children and develop skills such as communication and teamwork which in a very digital based society are key skills which will stay with the individuals for life.



My A8K experience is memorable because I learnt valuable teaching skills having the ability to lead planned sessions from a young age. This helped me later on in life when running my own Dance classes. Also when working in other Sports Companies whilst living in Manchester and Dubai.

  1. I am now loving life in Dubai UAE. I work for a company called ‘Gulf Star Sports.’ I am a Dance teacher delivering classes in Schools to children of all ages. I am a versatile teacher delivering a variety of dance styles. Additionally I have the opportunity to teach sports during the in-curricular Physical Education classes aswell as an extra curricular activity.
  2. I have lots of favourite memories working for A8K:

– Having fun teaching all the activities to the children especially rounders, tennis, dance and netball.

– Working with a great team of staff

– Enjoyed working when my little Brother and Sister who attended A8K and seeing how well behaved they were compared to at home haha!

– Completing the ice bucket water challenge at A8K with the kids supporting (picture to follow)

  1. A8K is more than just sports, health and fitness. It’s also about building confidence, making new friends and most of all having FUN!



Wow! 10 years well done.

  1. Working for Activ8kids gave me the experience to be much more organised with almost everything and helped me to use my initiative.
  2. I have just finished running a pub in the Aberystwyth area which I was doing for 6 years and now I work for Openreach as a Fibre optic engineer.
  3. I think my favourite memory of working for Activ8kids was when I broke my ankle playing rugby and was unfortunately unable to be in work for a while, but then one day had a visit off a headmaster from one of the schools in which I coached at, who brought me a massive card that the whole school had made for me and written a little get well soon message. I found it extremely overwhelming and proud that they had done that.
  4. The benefits that I had were endless I found it helped me with every aspect of life and I met a lot of brilliant people.



Wow 10 years, well done

  1. “Every second was fun for the coaches and the children.”

Active8 not just helped to develop my coaching skills but also on a personal level too. I started it unsure of what I wanted to do as I grew up as job but it helped to develop my love for working with children therefore I went on to do my teaching degree in uni. Every job that I have applied for Active8 has always looked really good on my application form and has been mentioned in interviews.

Also with working alongside yourself, Joe and the other coaches I feel that my confidence grew greatly and it supported me in becoming the person I am today.

  1. I still live in Newtown and I’m working as a teacher at Penygloddfa school where A8K provide my class with weekly PE lessons.
  2. My favourite memory has to be the water fights.
  3. A8K helped to develop my love for working with children. It was also where my confidence grew with coaching and communicating with parents which has greatly supported the job I’m in now.



  1. Working for Activ8Kids was great. I strongly believe that it’s important that children interact with other children and they enjoy their Easter and Summer holidays outdoors. Activ8Kids allowed a number of children across Mid Wales to achieve this within a safe and happy environment. Working for Activ8Kids allowed me to become more responsible and developed my social skills; all of which have been important in my professional career as well as generally interacting with other people day-to-day. It was also positive to have some work available when back home from University.
  2. I currently live in Cardiff working as a planning consultant representing house builders, housing associations and private clients across the UK.
  3. My favourite memory at Activ8Kids was getting soaked at the water fights arranged during the last week of the summer holiday in Newtown. Playing ‘Capture the Flag’ is a close second!
  4. There were many benefits of working for Activ8Kids; it gave me responsibility to look after and interact with the children and their families, allowed me to form relationships with other coaches, provided a focus during my time at home from University and allowed me to spend quality time outdoors in the summer. I would have enjoyed if there was something similar to Activ8Kids when i was growing up in mid Wales!



A wonderful experience, and one of my first coaching kids experience. It’s set me up well as I’ve continued to coach in the local area. My coaching has led me to successfully gain a job with the WRU working as a rugby hub officer for area. I thank Activ8Kids for the opportunity they gave me, which was ultimately the beginning of what is now my career.



  1. Activ8Kids gave me the opportunity for my first ever paid job with great responsibility and lessons that boded well for my future career, it gave me the confidence to communicate effectively and the opportunity provided me with my first organisational skills. I first started working for Activ8Kids coaching on a Sunday for a few hours during their football sessions in Newtown in 2010. This gave me the opportunity to further gain experience on their summer holiday camps. This was the first time I was introduced to “real working hours” and I really enjoyed the experience. I felt like it gave me the confidence to further my coaching career.
  2. I currently work in professional football as a first team performance analyst for Cardiff City Football club in the Premier league. I currently live in Cardiff bay and have lived here since 2012. Working in football was my dream for years and enjoy every second of my lifestyle working in football
  3. My Favourite memory of Activ8Kids would be in the summer camps outside in the hot sun, introducing very young children to their first football experience and seeing the enjoyment they experienced was very pleasing. Another fond memory was getting the bouncy castle out and making sport enjoyable for all the children there despite their age or ability
  4. There are many benefits I have experienced whilst working for Activ8Kids , working for them first introduced me to coaching young athletes/children in which from Activ8Kids gave me the inspiration to peruse this at University which introduced me to the line of work I currently find myself in. The enjoyment of coaching young children whether that be in Physical Education or the holiday camps. I enjoyed my experience with Activ8Kids and would recommend it to everyone.


Lowri H

Wow how time flies!! Congratulations on achieving this milestone!! I am now working as Head of Girls Sport and P.E at Shrewsbury High Prep School and previously as Assistant Curriculum leader of P.E in a Warwickshire secondary school.

Favourite memory- teaching girls to play rounders and netball for the first time.

This was a stepping stone for me in starting my teaching  career after graduating.



  1. Activ8Kids has helped me to realise that I want to progress in the education profession, I have learnt that as long as the kids are enjoying themselves then I’m enjoying myself
  2. to progress in the education sector and become a teacher
  3. working in the summer in 2018 when we had the good weather so we could have a water fight
  4. getting to teach/support kids of all abilities and disabilities and being able to have fun whilst coaching



  1. I really enjoyed working for Activ8Kids. It was something new and exciting everyday. It was fun introducing sports to children they may not have played before. It also helped me gain great experience towards my teaching career.
  2. Living in Newtown, Primary

School teacher in local school

  1. Fav memory – seeing children smiling and laughing playing sports together
  2. Benefits – building children’s confidence playing sports and explaining to them that they can do. Just have a go.



  1. Activ8Kids was a very good and positive experience for me, if not for the team and there dedicated hard work children wouldn’t be able to have the fun and sporting opportunities around mid wales. I’ve met a lot of good and helpful people at my time in the company, but more so the children always go away with a big smile on their faces and that’s what it’s all about.
  2. My career aims are to keep working with children and continue to keep putting smiles on their faces, and help progress them in a sporting context and on their journey into adulthood.
  3. My favourite memory of Activ8 kids is when I would arrive at a school and see the smile on the children’s face, and how eager they were to come to lessons and start P.E.
  4. The benefits of being involved in Activ8 kids were being involved in a brilliant working environment and having the privilege to do what I love doing, I am forever grateful for the staff and most importantly the children for making it so enjoyable and rewarding for myself.



  1. Activ8Kids gave me vital experience when applying for a Primary teacher degree at University. Working and seeing the children develop made me realise that teaching was definitely the vocation for me.
  2. I am now a Deputy Headteacher at Ysgol Dafydd Llwyd, Newtown.
  3. Coaching at different locations, meeting different children and parents.
  4. Experience is key when applying for any university and Activ8Kids helped me to achieve what I set out to do. I can only thank them for the chance to coach and gain this vital experience. Active8kids now use our facilities at Ysgol Dafydd Llwyd and have a great relationship.



  1. Activ8Kids has been a massive part of my life having founded it alongside Joe after graduating into the recession in January 2009. Deciding to ‘Go for It’ walking up the bank at the rugby club following a training session one cold winter evening. Activ8Kids provided me with the opportunity to gain relevant experience in the field of sport. The pride I have in having started something like this is immeasurable and marking this milestone has given me the opportunity to reflect on what has been a massive challenge but ultimately provided something meaningful to my home town area. I am extremely thankful to all coaches, parents, school staff and children who have contributed over the years. There are far too many to mention.
  2. I maintain overall responsibility for Activ8Kids, although I now live and work within sports development in London, visiting home regularly. Without the support of the current staff this would not be possible. And without Activ8Kids I simply would not be doing the other work in London that I am lucky enough to do today.
  3. I have many favourite memories including; laughing uncontrollably alongside my best mate, whilst being paid to be my own boss is the absolute stand out one for me. I will also never forget that very first session, which was a gymnastics lesson! It was a steep learning curve from then on. I have also enjoyed reading the responses from our coaches old and new to this survey.
  4. Hearing from those who have worked for us over the years goes to show the added benefit that Activ8Kids has had on the local community and it’s young sports minded workforce. Providing that very first opportunity to work with children in sport and gain the experience they needed to go onwards and upwards in their careers, often within the sport and education sectors. This is a massive area of pride for me. Along with seeing the children develop within our sessions and give them the opportunity to grow a love for sport and being active for life.


To find out more about Activ8Kids and how your school or your child can access our programmes please visit our website on

Our next half term sessions will be in February half term and you can get a 10% discount on your bookings by using promo code ‘10years’.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to what’s to come over the next 10 years!