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For Parents

Activ8Kids for Parents

Welcome to the parents section of the Activ8Kids website, where all the information is that you need to decide which course suits you and your child. We look forward to meeting you and coaching your child in the near future.

Our Aim

With the PlayStation culture taking hold of many children’s time during the holiday weeks. Obesity is becoming a huge concern in people of all ages and can lead to many complications later in life. An active lifestyle when begun at an early age is proven to lead to a healthier future. Activ8Kids will provide a service, which will allow children aged 4-12 to get out in the fresh air and take part in some massively fun sports and games activities. Our courses are run by DBS enhanced coaches who have vast experience playing and coaching various sports at a high level, they hold certificates in child protection, first aid qualified and behaviour management skills.

Your child is sure to have an amazing time on our holiday courses, as well as making friends, building self esteem, developing athletically and their confidence will grow and grow. Whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle we also notice how much fun children have during active exercise. Our services can act as a solution for both parents and children alike.

Holiday Courses

Activ8Kids run various sports camps during each school holiday and vary from 1 to 5 days of sports activities. Our camps are normally held at a school venue with excellent facilities including, outdoor and indoor facilities, toilet access and an informal lunchtime area. Each course runs from 9.00am to 3.00pm every day and costs £15. Although early booking discounts are often available.
08.45am early bird drop off is available in selected venues. Holiday courses are for 4 – 12 year olds and 4 year old may attend for upto 4 hours only.

What age does my child have to be to attend an Activ8Kids holiday sports course?

Activ8Kids run sports courses for 4 – 12 year old girls and boys of a wide range of skill level and abilities. (4 year old may attend for upto 4 hours only.)

How much does it cost for a course?

1 Day £15 or  Full week £75 with savings often available for early bookings, siblings and longer bookings.

Parent/Guardians Information

Here are some reminders of what the children will need on a course:

  • Sports kit – appropriate kit and footwear including waterproofs.
  • Refreshments – A packed lunch filled with healthy food. We supply bottled water but advise children to supply their own on top of this.
  • Sun protection – Please bring sun hats/caps to all summer courses.
  • Presentation – On the last day of each course there will be a presentation of awards and certificates when parents/guardians are most welcome to attend. Just ask the Head Coach for more details during the course.
  • Parents ……please bring your camera and plenty of support

Birthday Parties

Birthdays are a great day for any child, with the memories lasting a life time. Activ8Kids run a birthday party service which includes up to 2 hours with an Activ8Kids professional coach. We can tailor our service to suit your specific requirements and can adapt to include a specific sport party of your choice or a multi skills sports party. We can take a party in a sizeable garden, sports hall or we have links with local venues. We can provide a day to remember for your child with one of our tailored packages. Along with an excellent sports party we can now provide a bouncy castle for the day at an affordable rate. There will be a special Activ8Kids present and card for the birthday boy or girl.


Visit our contact us page for further information.

After School Sports

Surveys have shown that 9/10 Parents/Guardians strongly agree that “Activ8Kids offer good value for money”. So why not wrap up the school day by encouraging your little star to let off steam at our after school sports club.

Our after school sports clubs provide parents with a perfect solution to finding that extra hour or two in the day with no hassle. Your child simply stays at school while our professional coach makes sure they end the day with a healthy bout of exercise and fun.

There are no barriers to joining in with Activ8Kids – whether your child is already a budding David Beckham or Rebecca Adlington or new to the field, our coaches will make sure each and every one of them learn, enjoy and exercise in a healthy, safe environment. Activ8Kids coaches are trained in many different sports so who knows, your child may well discover the sport which becomes a passion for life.


Visit our contact us page for further information.